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2021 Race Information

All the routes and Headquarters are in the D’Aguilar National Park and it is illegal to bring pets into a National Park. Fines will be given by QNPWS Rangers who will be in attendance.

2021 Entry Fees

Event (minimum age) Inclusions
Online entries close 28 May
Marathon Solo (18)
permit and forest fee, finishers award
Marathon Relay (16)
permit and forest fee, finishers award
$70 per person
Half-marathon Solo 16)
permit and forest fee, finishers award
9km Solo
permit and forest fee, finishers award

Date: Sunday 30 May 2021

2021 Race Day Schedule

Registration for all events is at Rangers Compound, Sellin Rd, Mt Mee.
Please bring your E-ticket (copy of confirmation
e-mail) and photo ID with you.

All events start at Rangers Compound.

6.00-6.45am    Marathon Solo and Relay Registration
6.50am            Marathon Solo and Relay Race Briefing
7.00am            Marathon Solo and Relay Race Start

7.30-8.15am    Half-marathon Solo Run Registration
8.20am            Half-marathon Solo Run Race Briefing
8.30am            Half-marathon Solo Run Race Start

8.00-8.45am    9km Run & Walk Registration
8.50am            9km Run & Walk Race Briefing
9.00am            9km Run & Walk Race Start

10.00am          Sausage sizzle & soft drink ($5 cash only) available

2021 Competitor's Brief

1. If you are feeling ill or running a temperature do not start the race. Better to rest than cause further injury or death. This is a very demanding event and you will need all your faculties functioning 100% to complete this adventure.

2. Follow Officials' directions. These are deemed to be best for your safety. If in doubt ask for the chief official who will be wearing a pink vest to clarify.

3. If you come across an injured or lost competitor assist where necessary. If you have a mobile phone call (if you get reception) for help (auto dial the race director’s number into your phone before starting). Never leave anyone alone. Generally you are only 5km from the nearest assistance. There will be 2 vehicles at all times traversing all parts of the course.

4. You must carry water with you at all times. It is compulsory. You will be entering dense rainforest in some areas. NO WATER BOTTLE, NO START & DISQUALIFICATION for yourself and team if applicable.

5. Your race number must be worn on the front torso only (QNPWS request) and easily visible at check-ins. If a bunch of runners enters timing check-in zones and the number is not visible you will go to the back of the bunch to wait your turn. With over 200 competitors and especially the earlier check-ins this could waste you some time. No excuses will be accepted. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are checked off. No check off, no finish.

6. Competitors will be catered for at all Checkpoints and Aid stations. Special drinks and drop bags, clearly marked (Site no. top line, race no. 2nd line & surname bottom line) in black marker will be accepted. Do these before you arrive at the start venue. Drop bags for Marathoners will be delivered to all Checkpoints, provided they are received at Registration by 6:30am. All Checkpoints will have water, electrolyte, seasonal fruit and sweets. All other requirements to be supplied by competitors.

7. Course markings are as follows:

  • Marshal directions on some road intersections. Otherwise, directional arrows will be placed on barriers at sites.
  • In Forest areas, all intersections will be marked by A4 sized Red arrows taped to trees (no nails are used).

8. All races start and finish at Rangers Depot, Gantry Mt Mee State Forest.

9. The surface in some areas is very rough, so footwear (enclosed Shoes) must be worn at all times.

10. All competitors must take their own cup with them. No plastic/paper cups will be supplied at drink stations. This way we can preserve the Environment from litter and wastage.

11. Everything you take into the forest you take out. Bins are provided at every water table for your use. Discard all wrappers into bins not the roadside or forest.

12. Toilets will be provided in the Rangers Compound. Do not use Picnic area facilities. Otherwise, step well off the course, dig a deep hole with the heel of your shoe and recover with soil when finished. If wet conditions check for leeches afterwards

13. For safety reasons anybody using walking poles will start at the back of the field. Walking poles are very dangerous especially to head areas, when carrying the poles they must be in a vertical position at all times. This includes when attached to your pack. There have been many near eye gouging accidents seen at the Kokoda Challenge starting 2km with excited people jockeying for positions.

14. When on course keep left at all times. This allows clear access for Event personnel, emergency vehicles and oncoming or passing competitors. Practise this in training as quite often you see packs split in 2 and go left and right. Some of these roads are blind bends and very narrow.
KEEP LEFT WHERE POSSIBLE: it is for your own safety.

15. Earphones are not recommended as you need to hear approaching traffic. You are out with nature; enjoy what it has to offer.

16. Use anti-chafe lotion before starting. Most will stay on when wet and reapply every 3 hours. This can save your event and make it enjoyable. Anti-chafe can be purchased at registration.

17. Practise drinking electrolyte before the event; it does not suit everybody.

18. Relay changeover is at Rangers Compound.

2021 Competitor Instructions

All entrants must carry a water bottle or pack and finish with it. All runners must complete a medical form when entering the race. Should there be any changes to your medical history between your entry and start time, please inform the people at registration so they can update your record for our Medical Staff.  PLEASE WEAR YOUR RACE NUMBER ON THE FRONT to make it easier for recorders at the checkpoints and the finish.

a) White flagging tape in some trees and bushes.
b) Red arrows which will indicate which checkpoint you are heading for.
c) White lines across track indicate no entry.

STAY ALERT for these markings at all times particularly at intersections. White lines may be placed right across track where there are critical turns. Do not cross these lines.

2. Do not LITTER the course. Anything taken from a checkpoint that is not edible should be placed in the rubbish receptacle at the next checkpoint. In case of a toilet emergency runners should carry some biodegradable toilet paper and depart the track and bury the human waste.

3. Competitors do not have the right of way over any traffic you may encounter while crossing or following gazetted roads. Some Forestry or Parks and Wildlife tracks and roads will be closed using signs but there may be trail bike riders or 4WD vehicles which will ignore these. If you hear them coming, get out of the road. The Police permit requires competitors to keep to the left hand side of the road when possible which means you run with the traffic on all roads.

In particular, keep to the left-hand side of the road when traversing Loveday’s Rd. (Police permit request) and give way to traffic when the Somerset Trail crosses roads.

The Somerset Trail is open to the Public and be polite to hikers and give plenty of warning which side you wish to pass them by. Call out “Passing on right” and then a “Thank you”.

4. No pets are allowed in a National Park so don’t bring them.

5. It is the responsibility of each runner to ensure they have their number is crossed off at each checkpoint. Failure to be registered as passing through a checkpoint may mean you are ineligible for awards. Report to the timekeeper before you leave the checkpoint.

6. It is important you know the order of the checkpoints (write them on your race number if you cannot remember them). Normally the red arrows taped to trees will have a number on them indicating towards which checkpoint you are heading.

7. Marathon entrants may have DROP BAGS taken to some checkpoints (see Race Information). Ensure the bags are clearly marked with your NAME, Race Number and Checkpoint Number. A permanent marker will be available to put your number on after it is assigned.

8. Remember to be polite and courteous to checkpoint staff as these volunteers are out there for considerable time for your benefit.


BBQ: Marathon and Half-marathon entrants will be given a BBQ ticket when they sign in. 9km entrants and any friends or family who are not competing will need to purchase their food ($15) unless they are volunteering to help out in a significant manner. These should be pre ordered on entry.

a) Random Draw prizes will be place on a board near the finish. Check for your name.
b) Place-getters' names will be placed on a board as soon as available and they can collect their Trophy if they are not staying for presentations.

10. First Aid – There will be a FIRST AID kit at each checkpoint and there will be Sports Trainers in attendance along the course.

Allow at least a 90 minutes to drive from Brisbane to the Start area. There is a good chance you will encounter fog on the drive. Parking is at the Ranger’s Compound on the left at the end of the bitumen opposite to the Gantry Picnic area Sellin Rd Mt Mee State Forest.

Do not park in the picnic area parking. It will be quite busy with day trippers later in the day.

Bring an extra pair of socks and shoes for the Registration/Car park area which is on grass and always dewy in the early morning.

Toilets will be provided in The Ranger’s Compound. DO NOT USE FACILITIES IN THE GANTRY PICNIC AREA.

Bruce Cook – Race Organiser – Ph. 0481 134 054.

The Mt Mee Classic is sponsored by:

City Jaguar Landrover    Wildfire
Sports    Lyons

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